A mobile that displays the cart items such as Nike T-Shirt and Nike thoody which can be done by either normal checkout or Xpresslane checkout

1-Click checkout from Shopping cart

Now buy multiple products in your shopping cart with Checkout on Xpresslane and finish your purchases within seconds.

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Xpresslane Checkout
Is The World’s Fastest

60% Faster Checkout for New Users

While you have to typically complete at least 14-15 steps as first-time user, Xpresslane lets you checkout in just 3-4 steps.



Page Load Time

(58% Faster)



(40% Fewer)


Data Entry Fields

(55% Fewer)

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One Platform to Track All Your Purchases

You can track all your transactions from various websites under a single dashboard with Xpresslane account.
A mobile that displays all the pre-ordered items
A customer who go-throughs the payment procedures understanding that the Xpresslane checkout is truly secure

100% Safe &
Secure Checkout

Xpresslane’s universal one-click checkout is absolutely secure. All your login and financial details are strongly encrypted to ensure complete protection.