Fast checkout plugin for Shopify

Bid goodbye to the slow and tedious default Shopify checkout flow.
  • Bring down Checkout time
  • Shoot up Conversion Rate
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Xpresslane enables easy, secure, one-click purchases on every site and device. Ensure an easy and hassle-free Shopify fast checkout with Xpresslane.
While you can take time in selecting products from your favourite brands, with a transaction time of fewer than three seconds, checking out is speedy with one-click checkout on Xpresslane. Shop within minutes and check out within seconds with Xpresslane Shopify fast checkout.
Take the online shopping experience for your users to a whole new level by integrating the Xpresslane plugin on your site.
Fast Checkout in one click for Shopify stores. Fast conversions with one smart move for your Business.

Are you losing sales and people ditching your checkout?

As per a study carried out by Baymard Institute in the USA, 26% of the customers discard their shopping carts at checkout due to a complex checkout process.

What does Shopify fast checkout do?

The Shopify checkout page is the crucial deciding factor for your revenue. Whether the shopper will buy from your site or drop off depends on Shopify fast checkout process.

How can you benefit from Xpresslane?

  • Maximize Convenience, Minimize Friction satisfies customers.
  • Safe, secure, and super fast one-step checkout helps drive conversions
  • Smooth checkout experience enhances performance and functionality.
  • Decrease Page Load Time, Increase Sales.
  • Industry-leading checkout process helps you win customers.

Xpresslane + Shopify = Fast Checkouts, More Sales, and Increased Revenue.


Create a smoother checkout process and make the shopping experience for your customers on the Shopify store to the next level with Xpresslane.

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Why sign up with Xpresslane?

  • Boost Conversions: Xpresslane increases conversion and boosts average order value, which means more sales for your business.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden cost. Pricing based on transaction via Xpresslane. Billed monthly.
  • Make checkout hassle-free: Xpresslane Shopify fast checkout increases conversions, boost sales, and delights customers.
  • Align Incentives: The faster your check-out process is, the more you earn. Win-win.

Ready to shoot up your checkout completion rates and see your revenue soar?

  • Take the first step in making your Shopify checkout process faster with Xpresslane.
  • Sign up with Xpresslane today and see your revenue increase manifold with our universal one-click checkout for Shopify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making the payment process easier and checking out frictionless will help to checkout fast on Shopify. Integrating the Xpresslane plugin helps to speed up the checkout process on Shopify. Using one-click buy on Xpresslane will guarantee an easy and swift shopping experience.

1-Click Checkouts save buyers' payment and shipping information so that returning customers can more speedily complete payments for their orders. Some accelerated checkout methods use dynamic checkout buttons on products pages that allow customers to skip the cart and go directly to checkout from the product page using the selected accelerated checkout method.

A one-page checkout presents all components of a standard checkout, including billing and shipping address, shipping options, and payment information on a single page. Ecommerce stores having one-page checkout require customers to make fewer clicks compared to customers checking out a store having multi-page checkout. The fewer steps in one-page checkout appeals to time-conscious customers.

Yes, it is possible to customize Shopify checkout. However, Shopify wants to ensure the same user experience as far as checkout is concerned, so there are limits to how much the purchase process and checkout may be customized.

Yes, we support coupon codes, and in fact, our checkout page allows customized coupons to be displayed.

Yes, we do have direct integrations with LazyPay, Simpl & ZestMoney