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Bid farewell to the slow and tedious default Woocommerce checkout flow. No more complex checkout process. No more detailed form filling. No more cart abandonments.

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Are shoppers bouncing before finishing the sale?

Checkout is often the most complex part of placing an order online, driving about 7 out of 10 online shoppers to abandon their cart.

Reduce standard complex multi-page Woocommerce checkout to a single step with Xpresslane. See ya, Cart abandonment.

What does Woocommerce fast checkout do?

DID YOU KNOW: An average site can solely boost its conversion rate by 35% through a better checkout design.

The checkout page on Woocommerce is the critical deciding factor for your revenue. Whether the shopper will buy from your site or drop off depends on Woocommerce fast checkout process.

A well-designed Woocommerce direct checkout page balances usability, functionality, security, and quality design.

How can you benefit from Xpresslane?

  • Amplify customer satisfaction with a user-friendly checkout interface.
  • Boost store revenue with frictionless Woocommerce direct checkout.
  • Elimination of cumbersome checkout process maximizes the number of completed orders and store’s profit.
  • Rise in not only immediate sales but also long term return visits.
  • Remove checkout field and avoid reloading checkout page enabling quick checkout on Woocommerce.

Xpresslane + Woocommerce = Fast Checkouts, More Sales, and Increased Revenue.


Create a smoother checkout process and take your Woocommerce store to the next level with Xpresslane.

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  • Boost Conversions: Xpresslane increases conversion and boosts average order value, which means more sales for your business.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden cost. Pricing based on transaction via Xpresslane. Billed monthly.
  • Make checkout hassle-free: Xpresslane Woocommerce fast checkout increases conversions, boost sales, and delights customers.
  • Align Incentives: The faster your check-out process is, the more you earn. Win-win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct checkout in Woocommerce is a plugin that allows step reduction in the Woocommerce checkout process. It will streamline the checkout process by skipping the “Add to cart” step. Take your customers directly from the product page to checkout with a direct checkout plugin in Woocommerce.

A Page checkout consists of all website pages shown to a customer during the step-by-step checkout process. The checkout pages are the online version of the physical checkout counter in the grocery store. Checkout pages are of two types: one-page checkout and multi-page checkout.

Optimizing the checkout process is the smartest way to make Woocommerce checkout faster to turn more visitors into customers. Installing the Xpresslane plugin helps in reducing the multi-page checkout to a single page. Take the first step in making your Woocommerce checkout faster with Xpresslane.

Quick checkout lowers cart abandonment by offering ways to complete purchases using Buy quickly Now Buttons and Saving Multiple Addresses.